Sunday, February 14

Thrilling Three!

I can't believe my baby is three!

Molly Grace is our youngest of 5 beautiful kids. She is a mess, and I love it! I can't believe the time has passed so quickly. Elijah was born almost 10 years ago, so does that mean I'm old? No. Just that I've been a mom for almost a decade.

Time changes so many things. Ten years ago I would have expected to see myself as a homeschooling mom, enjoying the challenges of a stay at home mom. I did, for 6 years, until recently starting nursing school and starting the snowball effect...that has led to Crazy! But I wouldn't change it for the world.

I consider myself a stay at home mom that happens to be working right now. And attending school. That will never change, and I can see the view from both sides of that fence. I loved the opportunity to enjoy my kids all day every day, and now I also love the opportunity to challenge myself in a different way (not so much just my patience). Nothing is easy! It's just a matter of choice.

So for Molly Grace's birthday this Valentine's weekend we decided to do her party here at home. And what a fun day! We did a Hello Kitty Tea Party, with real tea and pastries. Super fun! She loved sitting at the head of the big table, and really enjoyed being the center of attention for the whole day. We started with a Valentine's arts and crafts table, then moved into the dining room for the tea party. After eating, it was time for presents! And then back to the table for Ice Cream Cake. Totally fun for everyone!

I would just like to share that so called "time management" is not something I would consider to be my strength. I do a lot, commit to a lot, and take on a lot. But I also only have 24 hours in a day! I think we can all do anything we feel is meaningful, we just have to decide that it's important. We choose how things happen! When someone asks me if I "have" time, I say "No, but I can make the time!" That's how I look at my life these days...

...Making Time.